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Writer's block : The indefinite indescribable terror for artist

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

Most of the writers I know keep their things to themselves. The weird ambivert or usually the introvert types. Writing is, after all, largely a personal activity.

During the times when there was no lockdown or any such restrictions, I used to long for a prolonged period of vacations and isolation. I used to think that sitting alone in a room, or going nowhere and being at a single place gives me so much more time to finally dedicate myself to my hobby. When the lockdown was imposed in March, I was kind of neutral to the decision. More like, I was relieved with no more physical classes or going to more than ten places a day and all. I thought that it will be the most productive period of my life! But I was terribly mistaken.

People who love to write might have experienced this once in a while. A time, when you really want to write something, maybe a poem, or a story. But when you sit down with a paper and pen ready to create a new world, the thought just disappears into thin air. You forget the idea and can’t even begin to write anything! Then you think, "it’s okay, let’s wait for a minute and maybe the idea will pop again in my head" and then, you wait... and wait... and wait... with nothing but maybe a random doodle on that white sheet. You struggle to focus and the words just don’t come out!

You feel frustrated after a while and decide to go for a walk "maybe, I can use some inspiration?"

But nothing works. You sit back right there, starting at the same sheet of paper with that unrecognizable doodle on the corner.

For some people, this stage might get over after a nap, drink, walk, meal or an outing, but for others, this stage stretches into days and weeks and sometimes, even months.

Writer’s block, or creative block, is just as old as creative writing itself. And it happens to every creative person from all walks of passion, may it be musicians, story writers, scriptwriters, choreographers or even a chef!

Sometimes, inspiration just seems to have gone bleak. And it doesn’t help us to get over this phase when we have a hundred things going on in life. One of the drawbacks of being creative is that you think. And you think a LOT! We think and create so many dimensions of the world we live in, that we live a single situation in another 100 impossibly possible ways. And while that is a drawback, that is also the very own reason why we can create the world, the characters and every other beautiful thing that people enjoy.

When life throws kilos of lemons on you, and you can’t seem to make lemonade out of it, that is when this indefinite indescribable terror feels the worst.

So, now the main point is: How to overcome your writer’s block when you are in a home arrested by the virus?

Establishing a routine

Making writing a part of your daily schedule works wonders. See what time of the day motivates you the most and sparks your creativity? It can also be an activity for all you know… For eg, the place where I get most of the ideas in the bathroom/washroom. And the time when I am most motivated to write is after midnight. So, observe what parts of your daily routine spark your creativity!

Re-read your own work

Re-reading your own work helps you remind yourself that you are capable of writing When the prolonged writer’s block makes you feel that you aren’t creative anymore, re-visit some of your best works. It boosts your self-esteem and fills you with a sense of pride.

Take a break! Mentally

The world is facing some trauma from the pandemic. It’s either losing your loved ones, financial struggles or any other difficulty. And having a lot on your plate doesn’t always mean you are hungry. So before trying to squeeze in a thought or a story, try to finish up what you already have on your plate… This might help you give your creative thought a lot more space and finally overcome your writer’s block.

Don’t be too harsh on yourself

Don’t feel pressure to keep up with the productivity you might have maintained during calmer times. Don’t feel discouraged by a lack of productivity during the lockdown. Staying with the same bunch of people might sometimes just make you go crazy and get into arguments for nothing and everything. Don’t write just because you are frustrated and need an escape…

Write to calm yourself. Write to save yourself. Write because it’s fun. Write because it makes you who you are. Because you want to... Because it keeps you sane...

There are many other tips that might help you overcome your COVID-induced-writer’s block. However, I would suggest you not only go by my advice or any other writers advice. Life is just a cycle of experimenting and experiencing… Let us know if you have any more tips up your sleeves that can help writers through these difficult times.

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