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Storytelling can make you bond better with your child

Storytelling has evolved through ages, from old age dastaangoi to new age audio stories, it had gone through a drastic change. But despite the change was had remained in the essence of storytelling is the dramatic way of narrating it.

Storytelling is a fun way to spend quality time with your kid and strengthen the bond you share with them. Through stories, you can share your bachpan ki shitaniyaan with your child, and incidents that have been passed down in your family. Doing this will make them feel more cared about and get to know you on a personal level.

Not only for the children, but storytelling is also a great way to bond as a family as well. Living under the same roof does not make you a family.

In the current scenario, where there are more nuclear families, grandparents sometimes feel a little out of place when not meeting with the younger generation so often. Above that, kids tend to forget people they do not meet so frequently and may take time to come around.

At this time, in a usual family scenario, grandparents may find themselves out of place when the younger generation is always seen with mobiles in their hands, while they are not so familiar with the technology.

They miss the days when the family used to sit together and share incidents that happened with them during the day. But today, where family time is concerned, we just end up sitting before the idiot box watching serials of scheming in-laws, cliche love stories and so on. This not only takes away the opportunity to converse with your family members but sometimes result in not being able to know them. This then leads to frequent arguments in the family, and the common dialogues, "You don't know me!"

Narrating stories of your childhood to your kids, in front of your parents will not only make them feel closer to the family but also allows you to spend some quality time with your family rather than spending the day with all the gadgets. Telling them about your life experiences helps them subconsciously learn about things they should avoid, and also open up to you about the problems, whether it is about "My best friend is not talking to me" or any other thing that bothers them.

Narrating stories helps you to discover the interest area of your kid

Think about what interests your kid the most and pick stories based on those things to read to them.

If your child is a dog lover, get stories that revolve around dogs. Especially if you have a pet, find stories based on the animal you have as a pet, and replace the name in the story with your pet’s name! This will make the story even more relative.

If he is interested in the galaxy, narrate him stories about stars. Stories are one of the ways to impart education in a very interested manner.

When going on a family outing, take your kid to the book store and ask him to pick out the stories they think they’ll like. If he doesn’t like reading, then pick picture books and narrate stories through them.

When they see the picture while you narrate the story to them, they will start imagining the stories in a form of a film, which will get them to pay more attention to the story, as the pictures will be telling them most of the story.

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