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National Youth Day 2022: Young Indians make their way in a COVID world

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the contours of the world as we know it, across all the sections and age groups of the society. As schools, colleges, institutions, and coaching classes have moved down or closed, career opportunities seemed to come to a halt. Young blood was deprived of the socializing experiences that the education institution provides and have also faced a hiring slump. This latter is a circumstance that can have disproportionate and long-term repercussions on income and mental health.

For at least a year, the word "uncertainty" has been frequent in the news and on social media throughout the world. On the National Youth Day this year Team SomeVaad asked youngsters to share their concerns and hopes for the future.

Shikhar Bhardwaj, an Amity University graduate, conveys that he has been struck with career concerns as the pandemic has been developing a carpe diem mindset. "Before the outbreak, I used to wait for chances and the perfect moment," he said. "However, the pandemic helped me recognise the value of time, and today I go out to create chances and seize them without waiting for the perfect time."

Saptaparna Dasgupta, from West Bengal, spoke of how a tough job market had gotten even tougher due to the pandemic's impact. "On the verge of [completing] my Bachelor's degree, the job sector in Biotechnology has always been challenging. Moreover, having the pandemic pile on over this means getting a job now is not even on the 'Possibility List'. So, yes priorities have changed. From wanting to lead an independent lifestyle, consideration of higher studies is now a priority."

"It's risky to spend money now," says Daksh Gogia, a Delhi resident. "You don't know if you will have a job tomorrow or not." Vidhi Jain of Moradabad says the COVID-19 pandemic has made her lose confidence. "I am afraid to make decisions in my life because you never know what can happen. I planned to accomplish so much in 2021, but the uncertainties caused by the pandemic forced me to postpone all I wanted to do," she said.

With the virus spreading outside and the globe gripped by misery and suffering, it's easy for negative ideas and emotions to slip in. Despite this, maintaining a cheerful attitude may go a long way towards coping with adversity. "Life is unpredictable," says Khushi, a Noida resident. "You may plan out the next five years of your life, but it might all change at any time. I have also begun to practice gratitude." Poorva Singh, a Master's degree candidate in Marketing, has realised that life is unpredictable and that no amount of planning can change that. "So, plan less and live more at the moment."

Gauri Dhiman, a Dehradun resident says that her attitude towards life has changed, her viewpoint and her perception. "Anxiety about the future has risen, yet I am still optimistic since life teaches us to be optimistic."

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