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Dancing to your own rhythm can overcome sadness

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Talking about being sad, depressed, or in the blues, like when you have a lot of work but you don’t want to do anything! Or when you are feeling sleepy even after 10 hours of sound sleep, feeling low, not wanting to eat anything, feeling irritated or frustrated for no particular reasons, wanting to cry for no particular reasons… etc.. are the signs when you are in a need of mood booster.

At these times, most people decide to just go through the phrase and let it pass… but others decide to engage in some kind of therapy. Be it Art therapy, Food therapy, Music therapy or any other kind of therapy.

But for those who just love to move their bodies with the rhythm and beat of the music, therapies can also be as fun as swaying to your favourite tunes. The therapy is called “Dance Movement Therapy”

In tribal life, dance has been given great importance it. It is closely related to magic and is used in any and every kind of activity. Tribals dance to the Rhythm of nature. For them, it’s as important as breathing. They dance when they hunt when they want to have an abundant crop, when they are glad or sad, or when they want to cure someone who is sick. It’s all about passing energies as they meet others and go about their lives.

It has been proven that DMT not only improves the quality of life of people but also fosters the maintenance of your relationship with others while expanding your movement and participation in activities. 

It is especially effective for oldies who are finding ways to spend their days with just one extra activity that could keep them engaged while the other members of the house are off to do their jobs and fulfil responsibilities.

It is said that every cell in our body has a memory of its own. It stores all the information since the time it has been formed to be a part of our body. Cells communicate among themselves and pass messages through each other just like the game of Chinese Whisper. Every memory of our childhood, every time we got hurt, every moment of our lives have been recorded in these cells. When we dance, our bodies move externally as well as internally making each of these cells move and clear the flow of energy that was earlier being blocked, causing us to feel upset.

Talking about that, have you noticed that when you are a kid, you can overcome any injury, but when you approach old age, those childhood injuries start showing their effect resulting in different types of pains and diseases? It’s because as we grow up, our movement decreases, and in old age, they are almost none as compared to youth or childhood. In this case, our cells revive the memory of skin/muscle trauma or bone injury that we once had, resulting in knee problems, backache, and other issues.

Being not able to move around frequently, due to any given reasons, restricts the flow of energy through the chakras and the energy points of the body, which then initiates the disease. But undoing these knots can be as easy and fun as dancing. It doesn’t require you to be a great performer, or to have a piece of special music… but instead, just your favourite music you can groove on.

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