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5 tips to maintain a positive attitude at workplace

Updated: Sep 24, 2021

With Covid-19 cases declining sharply in several regions of the world, more firms are now allowing their employees to work within the office premises and more youngsters are getting absorbed into the workforce. While a lot of youngsters and fresher were earlier working from home, now they have to work in an office space which might give them a complete changed approach at work.

The Work-life of any individual is no less than that of a roller coaster ride that can go up and down and move in circles and you never know what might happen next. The safeguard that most of the youngsters have during this phase is a positive approach.

While many people shall have different mechanisms to cope with stress, this article will give you some tips that would help you maintain positivity.

Make new friends

Friends are an important part of any individual's life. They not only help you in realizing your goals but also help you lighten your mood whenever you are in trouble.

It has been proven that if a person has friends in the workplace, the chance that any individual will stick to a particular firm will increase manifold.

One of the easiest ways to increase more friendships at the workplace is to have your meals with different people every time. Talk to a new person whenever you get a chance to do so and you might meet people whose vibes match with yours.

Decorate your workspace

Your workstation says a lot about who you are. It also represents your values and your interests. So, if you have an assigned place, always try to keep decorate it with things that spreads positivity. Some of the examples include money plant, laughing Buddha, Tibetan prayer flag, photos of your loved ones etc.

You might also want to try keeping your workspace organized. A messy workspace or a desk full of things usually gives out the vibe of being too busy or engaged. And it might stop others to approach you for a snack or a break. To organize your desk, get some desk organizers for files and papers, and a desk planner and maybe you can add some of your favourite colours to your desk.

Do learn to answer your boss

While one might often suck up to their superiors assuming that if one answers them they might lose their job or maybe passed for promotion. But FACT CHECK! it is absolutely not true. Just listening to your superiors and tolerating them would create nothing but more stress and hatred for them. At the same time, it is necessary to answer without losing calm and in a manner that is diplomatic and not unruly.

If possible, try to maintain a healthy relationship between your senior and yourself. Being semi-formal with your immediate senior (Bit more formal depending upon the situation) might help you for a greater cause. It helps you to approach your senior more easily than struggling with your own work-related difficulties.

Do unwind on weekends/week offs

After a long tiring week, one does deserve a weekend to enjoy and do everything they like. This not only helps you relieve your stress but also prepares you with a fresh mindset for the upcoming week. Catch up on all your lost sleep and maybe plan a night out with friends! Weekends or off days are designed to do just what you want to do.

Try not to take the same arguments or differences of last week to the next week. It might leave an impression of holding grudges or being a bad sport or being petty. If the other party acts normally after a huge disagreement the week before, try to play along.

Eat healthy and exercise regularly

A healthy mind does reside in a healthy body. Though one might face a lot of stress at the workplace, they must always take out time for working out which shall keep oneself mentally and physically agile. You might procrastinate, feel tired or not get time to work out when you are in professional life. So, try to work out when and where possible. For example, use stairs instead of the lift. Now, many of you might think, ‘What a joke.. my office is like on the 6th floor!’ Don’t panic. Take stairs for a couple of floors and you can always catch the lift on that floor. If your house is somewhere nearby, try to take a walk back home. Or while sitting on your seat, stretch a bit from time to time.. it also helps you to keep your mood refreshed!

Diet is also an important part of living. While there is nothing wrong with indulgences, these must be limited to once or twice a week. After all... you won’t want to ruin your digestive system and then your mood as well as the office environment... right?

Last but not least... Catch up on your sleep whenever possible. While having a proper sleep schedule is very important for a healthy and active brain, in some professions, it's not really possible and your body clock might get disturbed. But then, you don’t want to look tired and drowsy all the time! Right? So, sleep whenever you have time and place.

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